Swedish model and student

Last weekend!




The weekend that passed I spent in Stockholm on Grand Hotel, showing off corsets for swedish corset designer Viola Lahger. I wore a wonderful creme corset which is actually a real lingerie corset!



Hair is done by talented Katrin Unge (color is by Roger at Cybtekk for their photoshoot two weeks ago)!

All girls were so beautiful and we were totally working it on a diet of coffee and macaroons 😉

Getting home was pretty painless, I slept on the train and it arrived on time  (OMG! ;O). That doesn’t happen every day during the winter!
Now I am cuddling my cats who has missed me and I’ve pushed through the first day of the second week of my internship period. I really love going there every day and I don’t think it’s a pain to get up at 6.30 am every morning because I really look forward to every minute I spend there!

I look so much forward to get my licence as a pharmacist because after I’ve started my internship period I know I’ve found the right place for me (for now, at least).

So from the catwalk to behind the desk of the pharmacy. Now I need to cuddle more cats and then watch a good movie.



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