Swedish model and student

Stockholm entry + peeks of Grand Hôtel ;)

I finally got my head around this entry from when I was in Stockholm last weekend 🙂 As some of you know I was doing a runway for Viola Lahger and stayed at my old (8 years back) friend, Andreas 🙂 The show was in Spegelsalen (The Mirror Room) at Grand Hôtel, one fanciest and most well known hotel of Sweden 🙂 It’s five star and everyone in the staff refers to you as “You” with a capital letter (in Swedish: “Ni” instead of “Du”) 😀


So first I arrived at Stockholm Central around 11pm on Friday, I had just had 9 h of internship training during the day so I was PRETTY tired xD there is funny light in the subway stations in Stockholm ^^

Luckily Andreas lives in Solna which has a direct line to Kungsträdgården, the closes subway station to Grand Hôtel, so it was pretty easy to get around^^

20130126_093833 (1)





Grand Hôtel is amazing and so beautiful. I understand why it’s expensive to stay here even though the least expensive rooms are really pretty much okay in terms of price if you see to international prices of hotels in this class + it’s super central in Stockholm.


Molton Brown hand soap. A bottle of those are SEK 250 ^^



First time I tried on this corset, I bought it later =) Wore it unlaced at first so it wouldn’t be as stiff as the first try-on can be 🙂 Do I have to say that I love it?



Hairdo left and right 😀

Made by wonderful Katrin Unge!


During the evening Andreas cooked for me 😀 He made a wonderful, vegetarian dish and we had some wine with it 🙂


Katrin re-doing my hairdo the second day (Sunday) 😀

20130127_105225Chilling in very un-fancy clothes 😀 Backstage that is!

VERY glamorous girls after the last show xD


4 ½ hours of train ride home right after the last show. First time in Stockholm in many years but I really need to get my butt there soon again 🙂



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