Swedish model and student

Been bad at updating

Wooosh, has been at the pharmacy from 9am to 6pm every day, and then had photo shoots inbetween. No time to sleep.. or blog…! :(( But now I’m back!

I’ve had two photo shoots with Moa Pettersson (fotografmoa.se) and here are sneak peeks of the result. There are more pictures to both series!




What do you guys think? I personally love them both (both sessions). Many thanks to Annelie Nilsson who did my make up and glued on hundreds of rhinestones on my neck on the first photo shoot to. On the second one I’ve done all styling and make up myself (as I mostly do).

Well, today I have been at the pharmacy. And now I am going to do some work out at my apartment. This week I haven’t had time to go to the gym at all. Last week I was there twice but I was so tired after the internship at the pharmacy that I didn’t want to go :S
After that hitting the shower and then.. BED 😀 Exciting life huh? ;O Study-model-sleep.


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