Swedish model and student

Blog brake

After low updating I decided to take a blog brake 🙂 I’ve got tons to do and think about the last couple of weeks so I decided to take a brake from the blog too! 🙂

I usually spend my days at my internship so nothing much interesting from that part of my life. Or well, education is always interesting but this is what I can say:
I love my internship. The staff is amazing and now I’ve got 5 more weeks to go and I don’t want to leave xD But soon school is out for a while and I really look forward to start working for real.

Otherwise I’ve got collaborations coming up with several different companies, mostly latex but also corsets and lingerie. I really look super much forward to get back in front of the camera every time I leave a studio or on set location ;O

I’ve done my second duo shoot (and my first trio-shoot) a couple of weeks ago with TC and Júlía 😀 I cannot wait to see those shots because we had so much fun ^^


This is what it can look like behind the scenes when we start to get tired XD Just rubber and fun and fooling around xD


I also got this old picture from http://www.tzr.se which we did in like.. november last year 😀 I like it, it’s freaky! It’s one of Martins dozens of gas masks and I really need to shoot in more of those!


I also had a rubber shoot at the Palm Tree House in Gothenburg, it was WARM and moist xD Super sticky and cozy to move around there in rubber. Lots of people staring xD


And finally a pic of my nails.

I’ve also got some more news for you 🙂 I will be blogging on another page in swedish too soon, I will notice you when it happens ❤


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