Swedish model and student


I’ve had huge issues with WordPress the last couple of days. First: I couldn’t post pictures at all, they wouldn’t even go into the posts… and then I couldn’t even publish any posts, with or without pictures?

Anyone else having these problems with their WordPress sites? :/ I think it’s really weird, and like 2 minutes ago I was to publish an entry with embeded Youtube videos and the whole entry just disappeared? :/ I hate this, I just got an urge to start blogging more actively again and then all this crap?

IMG_8982 (Cred)

Now when I closed down WP and logged in again there were no more issues except everything I had written was gone? :/ Anyway. Here’s a picture from Natalie G Sundling (http://nataliegsundling.com/) from Yesterdays photo shoot. I’ve been up to that kind of business when I haven’t been studying. I really need to get my head around to start to read more right now! 😀


And here’s another one from this weekend, by Agnes Orre (https://www.facebook.com/AgnesOrrePhotography?ref=ts&fref=ts) who I shot with last Saturday 😀

I really love being creative aside from my studies. It really gives me a lot.

And finally a tiny video:


I did a nude makeup with a black lipstick from MAC Cosmetics 🙂 Hope you enjoy it and forgive be for being so boring on my blog! 😦


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