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Stockholm entry + peeks of Grand H么tel ;)

I finally got my head around this entry from when I was in Stockholm last weekend 馃檪 As some of you know I was doing a runway for Viola Lahger and stayed at my old (8 years back) friend, Andreas 馃檪 The show was in Spegelsalen (The Mirror Room) at Grand H么tel, one fanciest and most well known hotel of Sweden 馃檪 It’s five star and everyone in the staff refers to you as “You” with a capital letter (in Swedish: “Ni” instead of “Du”) 馃榾


So first I arrived at Stockholm Central around 11pm on Friday, I had just had 9 h of internship training during the day so I was PRETTY tired xD there is funny light in the subway stations in Stockholm ^^

Luckily Andreas lives in Solna which has a direct line to Kungstr盲dg氓rden, the closes subway station to Grand H么tel, so it was pretty easy to get around^^

20130126_093833 (1)





Grand H么tel is amazing and so beautiful. I understand why it’s expensive to stay here even though the least expensive rooms are really pretty much okay in terms of price if you see to international prices of hotels in this class + it’s super central in Stockholm.


Molton Brown hand soap. A bottle of those are SEK 250 ^^



First time I tried on this corset, I bought it later =) Wore it unlaced at first so it wouldn’t be as stiff as the first try-on can be 馃檪 Do I have to say that I love it?



Hairdo left and right 馃榾

Made by wonderful Katrin Unge!


During the evening Andreas cooked for me 馃榾 He made a wonderful, vegetarian dish and we had some wine with it 馃檪


Katrin re-doing my hairdo the second day (Sunday) 馃榾

20130127_105225Chilling in very un-fancy clothes 馃榾 Backstage that is!

VERY glamorous girls after the last show xD


4 陆 hours of train ride home right after the last show. First time in Stockholm in many years but I really need to get my butt there soon again 馃檪


Last weekend!




The weekend that passed I spent in Stockholm on Grand Hotel, showing off corsets for swedish corset designer Viola Lahger. I wore a wonderful creme corset which is actually a real lingerie corset!



Hair is done by talented Katrin Unge (color is by Roger at Cybtekk for their photoshoot two weeks ago)!

All girls were so beautiful and we were totally working it on a diet of coffee and macaroons 馃槈

Getting home was pretty painless, I slept on the train and it arrived on time聽 (OMG! ;O). That doesn’t happen every day during the winter!
Now I am cuddling my cats who has missed me and I’ve pushed through the first day of the second week of my internship period. I really love going there every day and I don’t think it’s a pain to get up at 6.30 am every morning because I really look forward to every minute I spend there!

I look so much forward to get my licence as a pharmacist because after I’ve started my internship period I know I’ve found the right place for me (for now, at least).

So from the catwalk to behind the desk of the pharmacy. Now I need to cuddle more cats and then watch a good movie.


Sorry for the super low (none) updates during the last couple of days. But I’ve been SOOO busy at my internship. I stand there from 9am to 6pm and then I am so super tired I just go home and eat and sleep ;D

I guess it will be better next week when I am getting used to standing up all聽 day long and helping customers. And tomorrow I am leaving for Stockholm to do a runway show for Viola Lahger at Grand H么tel! It will be so much fun and I PROMISE to take pictures and stuff :))

And I will take a sneak peek of what I look like at my internship too 馃槈 Very normal and boring! ;D


First day of my internship period!

Today I was at my internship in Gothenburg. It was so much fun and the atmosphere is awesome, I couldn’t have come to a better pharmacy than this one =)) I really like the staff, and the ones I’ve talked more to I really get along well with.

Tomorrow is my second day and I will be there from 9.15 am to 6pm 馃榾 Long days for a working girl, but I think it’s good because there is SO much to learn!

Today my Naucler latex was shipped to so I prolly get it tomorrow or wednesday. Shooting it 10/2 with Peter so I have plenty of time to get used to working 40h/ week before starting to shoot stuff again. Except for… yeah, friday, leaving for Stockholm friday evening and coming home late sunday. So if I look sleepy it’s not my fault. But one got to sacrifice something to do what one loves to do! 馃榾

Now I’ll have some food, coffee and then head to bed!


This weekend has been my first “free” weekend in a while, and I spent it having time to myself. First off I did a latex photoshoot with talented Belinda on Saturday, and today I’ve had a home spa moment for myself.

Tomorrow I am off to my internship 馃榾 I will be there 40 H per week so I don’t know how much time I have to blog. But I think I can come up with something ;D
I’ve also made lunch boxes for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so now I don’t have to worry about that for a while 馃檪 Thinking of doing a stew for Thursday and Friday! Friday I am also leaving for Stockholm (back Sunday evening) for the Wedding Venue at Grand H么tel! :))


This is the make up I wore for the shoot and this is how I did it:




Did I say that Sandra is the best?:D Had new nails done yesterday and I really, really LOVE them 馃榾 I gave her pretty free hands except for the colors and I think it turned out great. The silver lines and deco really pops under softer light than is shown in this picture. It’s taken in the studio and they’ve got natural light in there. But indoors the deco looks really sick 馃榾




My stupid cuticles are broken again ><


And a couple of days ago I got this in my mailbox. Some of it is freebe stuff. I hope to have time to try it all out soon 馃榾 Maybe I’ll do a… VIDEO about it ^^

Also there’s a snow storm in Gothenburg today. Not leaving the house. Nope, not a chance!


This weekend!


This weekend I was a hair model for Roger at Cybtekk 馃檪 He made my hair in pastel colors and cut the bangs and the sides of the hair.

Here are some pictures from Friday when I came home from the hairdresser!





And here we got some phone pictures from today, behind the scenes shot from today when we had the actual photoshoot:





Hair is made by Roger, make up by Anna and Sidsel is the stylist behind the look ^^

Now I really got to go to bed ;O Tomorrow we’ll see what I’ll be up to! It’s a Sunday and maybe it’ll be a lazy day ^^


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