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First day of my internship period!

Today I was at my internship in Gothenburg. It was so much fun and the atmosphere is awesome, I couldn’t have come to a better pharmacy than this one =)) I really like the staff, and the ones I’ve talked more to I really get along well with.

Tomorrow is my second day and I will be there from 9.15 am to 6pm 😀 Long days for a working girl, but I think it’s good because there is SO much to learn!

Today my Naucler latex was shipped to so I prolly get it tomorrow or wednesday. Shooting it 10/2 with Peter so I have plenty of time to get used to working 40h/ week before starting to shoot stuff again. Except for… yeah, friday, leaving for Stockholm friday evening and coming home late sunday. So if I look sleepy it’s not my fault. But one got to sacrifice something to do what one loves to do! 😀

Now I’ll have some food, coffee and then head to bed!


5th of January

Oh today I was going out with Cat, having a sushi lunch but the lady had to attend a party during the day ;O

Now I am figuring out what to next put in my paper… I am almost finished, just got to put down another ½ page or something like that. AAALMOST done that is.

Also I’ve had a lot of visitors from Japan! Hello ❤ Konnichiwa!

Since I don’t have much else to do today I think I will do a make up video again (yaaay!). Gotta hurry though. Sun is setting! :/


Studying my butt off


Exam in two days and there are a lot of different kind of worms and parasites animals can be infected with. Hope I got a hang of them on Thursday!



9 days left until X-mas and on December 20th I have my final exam in a veeery long time, since I have my internship this spring and then my final papers and I am on my final class right now! So if I don’t go back to school for a couple of years this is my very last exam.

On Monday I will go to an animal hospital for the whole day, with my class. It will be so exiting and fun cause I absolutely love all animals^^


This is a picture by Peter Pandapod from a couple of weeks ago, it was super cold outside so we just shoot for a few minutes before running to the car again!



And this one Martin took Yesterday before our real shoot, I was changing my makeup from my school makeup to something more suiting for the camera ^^

He has such a lovely make up mirror in his apartment, I would love to have one just like it!

Now I will have some glögg and then do some more studying!


Sorry I’ve been boring

I hate saying I am sorry like all the time but today I actually was at school from 9 am to 4 pm and then I had runway rehearsal for an hour and then I had to get home and by then I was… TIRED.

Now I am hitting bed and tomorrow it’s showtime!



And yeah the other day our last class as a full group ended and I went out to have a coffee with Sanna, Malin, Sevan and Martina at Cappuccino in Gothenburg! I had this lovely drink and a cake that was way too much!


Sneak peek

20121205_141822A sneak peek from today’s shoot with Peter!
It was super duper cold outside, freezing indeed!

And I made another pie today which I enjoyed with some french mixed sallad! Yum yum!

Tomorrow it’s school from 9 am to 4pm and after that runway training. I will be sooo tired afterwards!


Normal outfit

When I am at school I rarely bother dressing up pretty because it’s usually a real waste. We spend our days in 45min sections, 15 minute breaks, behind desks. So this is what I look like atm during the days. Now you cannot really see anything of my outfits but it’s mostly Black Milk clothing, sheer shirts and hotpants. And Campbell boots ofc!

Boring but comfy!